Ketchup Recipes for All You Ketchup Lovers

It’s safe to say that ketchup is one of man’s greatest inventions. It is the perfect combo of salty and sweet, with the artificial tomato flavor that tomato-haters (like me) love. It’s a condiment that can be used with any meal at any time; it tastes great on egg sandwiches, French fries or tater tots, grilled cheese, burgers, chicken, you name it. And because summer is almost over, and the barbecue grills are retiring, it is the perfect time to think about what you should use your half-full deluxe bottle of Heinz for. I’ve compiled ten awesome ketchup-filled recipes that can be cooked any day of the year. If you’re a ketchup-hater, no hard feelings—it’s okay to be wrong.

  1. Cheesy Sausage Jalapeno Hash Brown Bake:


With hash browns, eggs, sausage, and cheese, it’s the perfect thing to have hot or cold on an August morning before your dip in the pool. It uses jalapeno ketchup as well as jalapeno rings, so it’s going to be hot! But who doesn’t love spicing up their day from the start? Get the recipe here.

2. Stir-Fried Chicken with Ketchup:


This dish was featured as a “minimalist” meal in the New York Times. It only has six ingredients, and anyone from a talented chef to a Basic Cooking for Dummies college student can make this dish. It keeps the taste of classic ketchup in a slick texture, like Sesame or General Tso’s Chicken from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Get the recipe here.

3. Easy Beer and Ketchup Meatballs:


Another sinfully easy recipe. These beer and condiment meatballs are the perfect thing to serve at a barbecue with the family or a block party with the neighbors. You can serve them as an appetizer or part of a meal. A few suggestions: Instead of a full onion and garlic powder, use minced onion and minced garlic. Also, add some breadcrumbs or a piece of mushed white bread to make sure the meatballs bind accordingly (advice from an Italian). If you want to put a tasty summer beer in there, try Landshark! The sweet lager will mix great with the best condiment in the world. Get it here.

4. Barbecued Shrimp Kabobs:


Have you ever had shrimp and ketchup? Well, it’s good! In this recipe, a mixture of ketchup, lime juice, and a few more ingredients are mixed and used as a marinade for the shrimp. This is the recipe for that barbecue you have on your deck or in the backyard, and cooks each kabob within three to five minutes. Delicious and fast—wow. Get the recipe here.

5. Sweet Ketchup and Thousand Island Pasta:


A great dish to bring to lunch or serve at dinner! This recipe combines some very random ingredients that make up an interesting sauce—who would think to combine ketchup, heavy whipping cream, steak sauce, and Thousand Island dressing? Make this if you’re feeling spontaneous. Word of advice: stick to rotini. It will absorb the right proportions of sauce, like it does for other pasta salads. Get it here.

6. Sweet and Sour Sauce:


If you’re interested in making a sauce that is compatible with many types of meats, then definitely try the Sweet and Sour sauce. This recipe has a similar outcome to the stir-fried chicken with ketchup, but it uses different ingredients. Get it here.

7. Tostones with Mayo-Ketchup Dipping Sauce:


Tostones are twice-fried green plantains, which become more popular each year (kind of like kale, but not a super food and thus so, so much better). Easy recipe, easy prep, yummy results! This recipe is rated five stars on Get the recipe here.

8. Easy Jambalaya:


Taste one of the most popular dishes of the South with a simple ingredient. Jambalaya is a well-balanced meal, with vegetables, meats, rice, and a combination of spices. And though it is traditionally hard to make, adding ketchup as a main ingredient makes it easier than ever! It also uses reduced sugar ketchup, so if you’re watching your glucose intake, this might be the best recipe for you. Get it here.

9. Red Remoulade:


Another sauce to make and spread amongst an array of foods. It is a French condiment usually based off mayonnaise and is used throughout Europe, from vegetables to roast beef sandwiches. This recipe uses Worcestershire sauce (say that five times fast), a new ingredient in this list. Feeling fancy? The word “remoulade” sure sounds that way! Get the recipe here.

10. Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake:


Thank god for the Canadians! Just when you thought that ketchup couldn’t possibly be used in dessert, the Great White North sent us both hockey and this recipe. This recipe includes cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground ginger for a slightly spicy taste, but the ketchup and brown sugar adds sweetness to balance it out. Making and eating this kind of cake should be on your bucket list. Get it here.


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